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  2. The file logs shows you have downloaded the file 3 times
  3. Please retry download now, and the tutorials is now working fine, i will restore the previous theme when i fix the error, sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Cheers
  4. I haven't used it yet, you can try it, if it works then please inform me. Thanks
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    External Server Responsive MikroTik Premium Login Page for WiFi Hotspot with Telegram bot self register Simple design Responsive template Internet package price page + signup form (package.php) Notification of user signup via telegram bot chat terms of service (tos.php) Requirements: Webserver with cPanel or others PHP 7.4 recommended MySQL 5.7.35 recommended Mikrotik Router How to install. WebServer Side: Note: you need to have a little knowledge about how to edit php files and also farmiliar with cpanel. Unzip the hotspot.zip file in "webserver" folder and upload it to your server (it maybe root or sub folder) Import the database.sql file on your database Imput your database details in folder "hotspot/manage/functions/connectionClass.php" and "hotspot/manage/database.php" Admin Panel http://server/admin.php Login Details: username: demo password: demo MikroTik Router Side: Edit all the html files in "Mikrotik_router" folder with your favorite text editor and replace "http://test.focuslinksforum.com/hotspot/" with your own server name/ip and and save it Upload and replace the edited files in "Mikrotik_router" folder to your Mikrotik router hotspot default login page. Add walled garden your server name/ip (e.g test.focuslinksforum.com or to the proxy hotspot, open a terminal then type/copy the code /ip hotspot walled-garden add action=allow disabled=no dst-host=test.focuslinksforum.com (replace test.focuslinksforum.com with your servername/ip address) Done. # Telegram bot configuration For those who don't have a telegram bot, please make a bot first, you can google it to make it easier or visit https://focuslinksforum.com. Skip, I assume you already have the TOKEN and CHAT_ID of the telegram bot. Edit the /js/signup.js file with your favorite text editor. Find the token code = " "; and chat_id =" "; fill in your token and chat_id. Save Add walled garden api.telegram.org to the proxy hotspot, open a terminal then type/copy the code /ip hotspot walled-garden add action=allow disabled=no dst-host=api.telegram.org Done! Note: This feature is only for notifications, to add users on Mikrotik please input manually. # Edit file 1. Edit to change the title, address, contact in the file: /login.php /status.php /logout.php /tos.php /package.php 2. Edit the package price in the /package.php file, adjust it to the price of your hotspot service package. 3. Edit the terms & conditions in the /tos.php file according to your hotspot service rules. # Online Demo Admin Panel: https://test.focuslinksforum.com/hotspot/admin.php username: demo password: demo #Front End Preview: https://test.focuslinksforum.com/hotspot https://test.focuslinksforum.com/hotspot/status.php https://test.focuslinksforum.com/hotspot/logout.php https://test.focuslinksforum.com/hotspot/package.php



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